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Explore our universe

We've created three unique worlds for you to explore in VR. Each comes with a multitude of different situations that you can practise.

Each situation can be customised to you and your needs, so that you'll have unique and relevant experiences in VR - every time.

Our worlds

Our universe consists of three unique worlds: school, work and social. In each world you're free to move around and explore at your own pace. Each world is also instantly adapted depending on the situation you want to practise. That means that if you want to try the dinner party, we'll make sure that the table is set, the guests have arrived and that the pizza is in the oven.



An open office landscape in a modern building. Exit the elevator and explore the entire floor.

Maybe start with a little small talk before you go into your job interview - or perhaps you want to practice presenting in the auditorium? There are lots of different situations to try here.



Large open hallways, classrooms full of students and the teacher's office. Explore our school and choose what you want to practice first.

At school, you can practice difficult situations such as presenting in front of the class, working with fellow students in a group room or having a one-to-one conversation with a teacher.



A large apartment in the middle of the city. Start in the hallway and explore the apartment at your own pace. Here you'll find a kitchen, living room, balcony and dining room.

The apartment is the perfect place to practice uncomfortable social situations such as a dinner party with lots of people talking, or a party with smaller groups of new people.

Social situations

Before you enter one of our worlds, you get to choose which social situation you want to practice, and we'll adapt the world to exactly that situation.

You can also customise all the situations exactly the way you want them. If you want to have a job interview, for example, you can enter the position you are applying for, upload your resumé and even choose the mood of the person interviewing you. That way you'll get relevant questions for your particular position, and the experience in VR becomes very realistic.

Below you can see the social situations we have available today, a little about them and how many characters you can talk to in each of them.

3 characters

Small talk

Approach a group of you colleagues in an open office landscape and have a chat.

5 characters

Work meeting

Have a meeting with a group of co-workers in a closed office.

1 character

Talk to a manager

Have a one-to-one chat with a manager in a closed office. Your manager will be asking you questions.

1-60 characters


Have a conversation with a person backstage before you present in an auditorium.

6 characters NEW

Group work

Collaborate on a project with a group of students in a group room at a school. You can talk to everyone in the group.

20 characters NEW


Stand at the front of the classroom and hold a presentation for your classmates. They'll be listening to you and paying close attention.

1 character NEW

Talk to a teacher

Have a one-to-one conversation with a teacher in her office where she'll ask you relevant questions. 

7 characters

Dinner party

You've been invited to a dinner party in an apartment in the city.

7 characters


Enter an apartment with music playing and people mingling. 

1 character

Job Interview

Attend a job interview at a modern office.

See what our users say

"This is perfect. I can feel my heart rate going up when they all talk at the same time in that meeting room."

- Man, 27 years old

"After all, it is primarily a realistic situation to be in. The dinner situation, for example. You'll talk to strangers. So you have to dare to go over to say hello."

- Woman, 43 years old


"It's not so important that it's completely smooth, it just has to put me in a situation that's similar enough so that I can prepare and learn, the same with social situations or dinner parties, it's just there to put me in a situation that is similar enough and helps me prepare and learn more."
- Female, 22 years old