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"Real" conversations

We don't believe in scripts, standard responses or predictable conversations. That's why we've made sure that our characters can have conversations with you, just like real people. That way you actually feel that you're talking to someone. Cool huh?

What our testers say

"I'm immediately reminded of the situations I struggle with in real life"

Woman, 62 years old


How does it work?

It couldn't be easier: just talk to them.

Think of our characters as real people that just happen to not be real. You can ask them questions, tell them about yourself, whatever you'd like. You talk, they talk - you know how conversations work.


We use artificial intelligence, so all our characters can understand what you say and respond to you exactly the same way a real person would.

Don't take our word for it


"This is perfect. I can feel my heart rate going up when they all talk at the same time in that meeting room."

Man, 27 years old



"It's not so important that it's completely smooth, it just has to put me in a situation that's similar enough so that I can prepare and learn, the same with social situations or dinner parties, it's just there to put me in a situation that is similar enough and helps me prepare and learn more."

Woman, 22 years old



"After all, it is primarily a realistic situation to be in. The dinner situation, for example. You'll talk to strangers. So you have to dare to go over to say hello."

Woman, 47 years old