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VR-training for your clients

Lots of people struggle with social situations. Some feel uncomfortable at work, or when they have to talk to strangers, while others avoid social settings altogether. But it doesn't have to be that way. We've created a new tool, so your clients can practice uncomfortable social situations from home. Curious? Read more below.


VR-training for social situations

We simulate the real world in VR (Virtual Reality) so that your clients can practice what they find challenging about being social, whether it's at work, at school or in their social lives. 

Practice makes perfect, but it can be difficult to practice for a job interview or to practice small talk at a party before you're actually in the situation. That's why VR training can be a good option before you go out into the real world. Your clients will get to practice realistic and uncomfortable situations as much as they want, and they can pause or end the session whenever they want.


Socialize alone

Choose a world and a situation you find challenging. All the characters you meet listen and respond to you when you talk. No script, no buttons, just completely "real" conversations in VR.

Create your reality

All the situations you encounter can be customized. For example, if you want to practice for a job interview, you can describe the position you are applying for and who will be interviewing you. Or maybe you want to upload your Powerpoint and practice in front of a full auditorium? In addition, you can always choose how pleasant or rude the characters you meet should be.

A safe space

All VR training with Simli takes place via one of our partners. That way, we ensure that your clients get support and guidance to practice challenging social situations with your help.

Our universe

We have created virtual worlds of the three most common places where people meet. In each world there are lots of different social situations that your clients can practice.
You can move freely around, explore and talk to everyone you meet. Which world do you want to try first?



At our school you'll meet teachers and students, and you're free to choose what to do. Do you want to practice presenting in front of the class? Or how about a one-to-one conversation with the teacher? It's entirely up to you.



Explore an office and chat to anyone you meet. Here you'll find colleagues and managers in various social situations. For example, you can practice small talk, job interviews, work meetings and holding presentations.



When you explore our social world, you choose who you want to talk to and what the atmosphere is like. Maybe you want to practice mingling at a party? Or are you ready to sit down at the dinner table and join the conversation?

“Real” conversations

When you talk to our characters in VR, it's almost like talking to a real person. You speak, they listen and respond like in a normal conversation. There is no script and no standard answers.

If there are several characters present, they'll also talk to each other. You can lead the conversations, or let them lead. Talk about the weather, ask questions or talk about something that interests you. The possibilities are endless.